Funny birthday video: Celebrities wishing you a happy birthday!

In a special TV news broadcast you can send a celebrity birthday video to friends and family.

– The perfect birthday present and the highlight at any birthday party. –

Let us create this tailor-made birthday video and you’ll surprise the birthday boy or girl with personal greetings from prominent personalities.

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If you want to know more about our birthday videos…

Intro/ newscaster’s welcoming message

The video is modeled after a television news broadcast in which several celebrities congratulate the birthday boy/girl. The news anchor first makes an introductory statement and points out that this is a special program to honor the birthday of “Jane Smith”. Next, he indicates that the program will now switch to several incoming video messages from famous people who would like to personally wish the birthday boy/girl a happy birthday. The moderator’s introductory statement can be completely modified to your liking and there are even more ways to personalize this introduction. In addition to a picture of the birthday boy/girl throughout the greeting, a headline such as “xxth Birthday of “Jane Smith” and a completely customized news ticker with current birthday information can be displayed:

Chicago, Illinois – June 20: Jane Smith is celebrating her 50th birthday +++ already long lines of well-wishers and fans +++ traffic jams on all surrounding roads +++ police are requesting everyone use public transportation

Birthday video intro

Still image of the birthday video intro

The celebrities

After announcing the occasion for the special broadcast, the newscaster briefly introduces each celebrity. All participating celebrities, and the order in which they appear, can be chosen via our birthday video¬†Word Document. Currently, the following celebs are available: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Kobe Bryant, Taylor Swift, Leonardo Dicaprio and Cameron Diaz. The newscaster’s voice is now heard in the background, greeting each celebrity. Moderator text can be edited freely again at this point, for example, to highlight common hobbies or experiences shared with the birthday person. However, the dialogue of famous personalities cannot be changed.

Barack Obama wishes happy birthday

Still image with Barack Obama wishing a happy birthday

Outro/ Farewell

After live streams from each celebrity, the moderator is once again visible for the concluding portion of the video. To bring it to a close, the moderator and his team wish all the best for the birthday boy/girl. This part can also be completely supplemented to include personal wishes on behalf of friends, colleagues and relatives.

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